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Tag & Release Sailfish Leggings

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Iridescent blues, metallic silvers and golden copper hues flash and reflect the light as a sailfish shifts its colors with it’s changing mood. Specialized, pigment containing cells within the skin called chromatophores and iridophores receive signals from the nervous system, resulting in a startling display of colors from what many consider to be the fastest fish in the sea.

    1. Raw hem and internally stitched bar-tacks allow for customizable inseam lengths of 31”, 29”, 27”, 25”, and 23”. Crop to 7/8ths length or customize for your height. Learn how here.
    2. Streamlined pockets on the side of both legs for your phone, wallet, snacks or sunscreen
    3. UPF 50+ sun protection (max rating achievable)
    4. Fibers mechanically engineered for quick dry, moisture wicking and breathability
    5. Resilient 4-way stretch and recovery for shape retention in and out of the water
    6. Tag-less, wide waistband for comfort, added security and fold over option
    7. 100% chlorine, sun, saltwater and sunscreen resistant
  • 88% Repreve® RPET (recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles), 12% spandex

UPF 50+ Sun Protection (Max Rating Achievable)

100% Fade-Proof From Chlorine, Sun & Saltwater

Anti-Microbial = Smell-Resistant

Fibers Mechanically Engineered For Quick-Dry & Moisture-Wicking

Made From Recycled Materials

Waterlust in the wild

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Advocate Apparel Inspired by sailfish (Istiophorus)

Sailfish (Istiophorus), also known as billfish (along with swordfish, marlin, and spearfish) are characteristically known for their elongated nasal bones which form the “bill”, and their dorsal fin (known as a sail) that stretches the length of their back. Their aerodynamic bodies and long bills are built for speed, and many consider them to be the fastest fish in the ocean. This speed, agility, and dynamic nature make them one of the world's most renowned sportfish for recreational anglers.

Our purpose in creating this print is to tell the story of these fish and capture some of the iridescent colors that make them so special. As one of the ocean's top predators, they play an important role in the ecosystem and as prized sportfish they sustain important recreational fisheries, making them both economically and culturally important. We believe fishermen (and women!) can be some of the strongest advocates for the ocean and the species that inhabit it. Our Tag & Release Sailfish print represents this exciting species and promotes responsible fishing practices.These include tag & release fishing and minimizing the stress experienced by a fish while caught. Continued research, education, and responsible policy management benefits both sailfish populations and the recreational fishing industry that advocates for them.

10% of profits from your purchase of this product are donated to The Billfish Foundation (TBF)

"Waterlust's partnership with The Billfish Foundation is invaluable. Through their products and platform, we can introduce people to billfish (possibly for the first time) and their importance to the ecosystem and communities alike. The funding from their advocacy apparel supports the projects that are the cornerstones (research, advocacy, and education) of TBF’s success in billfish conservation."

Peter Chaibongsai, Director of Conservation Programs

The Billfish Foundation (TBF)

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Levi (Mexico City, CMX, MX)
The best

I have the sun suit, and this is my first pair of leggings. Absolutely love them and feel so good supporting this brand for their quality and values.

Ms Helen Brierley

I absolutely love my new leggings. Super comfortable both in and out of the water, fast drying and great sun protection.

LeAnne Casey (Mandeville, LA, US)
Absolutely Perfect!

I love to offshore fish and do lots of other sun related activities. I got diagnosed with melanoma, and thankfully we caught it early, but now I really need to pay attention to how much sun I get. I bought these leggings after stalking them for about a year. They are expensive for me, but well worth the cost. I put them through the wringer this weekend. They performed amazingly well! They are not hot, feel great in the water, dry within 30min, and OMG they have huge pockets😍. They came home stained with fish blood and bait (gross🤢), but a little OxyClean Max Force and a good wash, and they are good as new! Just ordered another pair!

Sterlin Glenn (Charlotte, NC, US)
Never disappointed

My like these leggins, they are quality it's a quick go to for a gift.

Karin Miller (Fort Collins, CO, US)

So I now officially own 5 pairs of these leggings which seems like a lot but but I am a fly angler and wear them exclusively for saltwater fly fishing now that I've discovered this company. They are durable, comfortable provide sun protection and dry fast. Plus they don't get baggy in the water and feel like they are coming off as I'm jumping on a flats boat from the water. The pockets are PREMIUM. Other leggings have pockets but these are deep enough to be functional and actually hold thinks like my GoPro camera and handle, my phone in a waterproof case, pliers, and even a fly box (not all at once, lol). Bottoming the pockets are real pockets and have this compresseffect so things stay put. The customisable length is awesome and the prints spectacular. I also smile everything I read the limessages printed inside the waistband. Add to all that they're made from recycled ♻️plastic AND Waterless gives 10% back- I am a total loyal fan and customer.

Ariel Towber (Ventura, CA, US)
Flying my flag of Ocean Love!

These prints are OUTSTANDING! The cut and feel of each piece is great. I’ve been wearing them none stop since receiving them. So happy with my purchase.