We're in business to build a more sustainable world by bringing environmental science into your life in creative ways.

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for all press inquiries: hello@waterlust.com

for press inquiries - hello@waterlust.com

"Waterlust's concept of "advocate apparel" encourages people to see getting dressed every day as an opportunity to not only express their individuality and style, but also to advance the conversation around marine science. By infusing science into clothing, people can visually represent species and ecosystems in need of advocacy — something that, more often than not, leads to a teaching moment."

"A passion for all things aquatic is paramount to the team, whose ventures in photography, social media and even scientific experiments hinge on one question: What does water mean to you?"

"Waterlust, a family-run startup, produces sustainably responsible advocate apparel to help fund research and educate its consumers about marine conservation. Each design of their water apparel—from sunsuits to rashguards to boardshorts—is paired with a benefiting research or education organization that receives 10 percent of profits annually to support their work."

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