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Great quality but need to be made in a smaller size

These tops are great quality and the material is very soft. I bought the XS/S as I'm a size 32B, but it feels a little loose. I think it will be fine as a bikini top but it definitely isn't tight enough to wear as a sports bra for running or other sports. It would be great if Waterlust could introduce a new, smaller size for those who want a tighter fit.

Great quality and striking pattern!

I absolutely love my waterlust leggings! I bought the lionfish and whale shark ones. They are great quality and the material is really soft. I've worn them for running and they are very comfortable. They're very long on me but I don't want to cut them so I just fold them over at the bottom. I can't wait to get out to the tropics to wear them for diving and snorkelling!

Hopefully this will help others with choosing the right size: I'm 5'4", 140 lbs, 40 inches at the widest part of my hips and 29 inches on my waist. I bought the M size leggings which are perfect. I often find that clothes fit my legs but are too wide on my waist, but these leggings fit well all round.

Great for more than just swimming

My best friend and I love Waterlust! I recently discovered the sleeve thumb holes make the sun suit great for archery. I wore my su suit to archery and my friend found out the leggings were also great for archery, so long story short we found out they look great together!

I own 5 sun suits, they’re versatile and flattering on the body and when paired with leggings make a nice light protective barrier for when swimming/snorkeling/diving in warmer waters and close to the surface to protect against sun burn.
And the bum is comfortable, it doesn’t ride and fits different bodies well!

No item

Still have not received my item.

Love my Waterlust leggings.

The sea turtle leggings fit wonderfully and make a statement!!

Soooo Pleased

I received the suit and pants yesterday .... super pleased! I am very very fair and need something to protect me while enjoying the ocean or just hanging out at the pool. These are super cute on and very comfy ... my only complaint is the the body is a bit to long ... I am short and very large chested so I order up a size, I am going to order another and try a smaller size .... but either way great quality and comfort.


Love love this!! It’s so beautiful and durable! I am 5’7”. The S fit perfectly except for in the chest. Order a size up for larger bust.

Logo Hoodie

Super soft and just what I expected!


So I now officially own 5 pairs of these leggings which seems like a lot but but I am a fly angler and wear them exclusively for saltwater fly fishing now that I've discovered this company. They are durable, comfortable provide sun protection and dry fast. Plus they don't get baggy in the water and feel like they are coming off as I'm jumping on a flats boat from the water. The pockets are PREMIUM. Other leggings have pockets but these are deep enough to be functional and actually hold thinks like my GoPro camera and handle, my phone in a waterproof case, pliers, and even a fly box (not all at once, lol). Bottoming the pockets are real pockets and have this compresseffect so things stay put. The customisable length is awesome and the prints spectacular. I also smile everything I read the limessages printed inside the waistband. Add to all that they're made from recycled ♻️plastic AND Waterless gives 10% back- I am a total loyal fan and customer.

great leggings supporting a fantastic cause!

I love my Cosmic Coral leggings! I am a huge fan of the work Coral Morphologic does, and I adore the Coral City Camera run by CM. Supporting Coral Morphologic and Waterlust at the same time by wearing great leggings, what could be better?!
I really like how these legging look and feel on my body. I have a swim top purchased from titlenine that matches the colors exactly. The waistband is not too high or too low. I did cut some of the length off of the legs since I'm short. I wear these paddleboarding and I plan to wear them to the beach for hanging out and beach clean-ups.

Spot on!

The fit is 💯 perfect and the new design is simply amazing! I wear surfing and they are so helpful for sun protection and overall fun. I greatly appreciate your organization and completely wonderful ocean wear! I only buy one new surf/ocean outfit a year and yours is always my first choice. Aloha

Rally nice

Nice fabric, nice looks. It's sown together at one point to make it fit better at the back of your neck and that works really nice. altogether 100% recommendation

High quality but shape doesn't fit me very well and high import taxes

Let's start with the positive: The package arrived realls fast (less than 1 week to Austria) and the quality is really good. The fabric feels great and seems to be really durable. Also even though it's white, it's not see-through at all even when wearing dark undies.

Now here's my issue: I bought the leggins in size L because I'm right between M and L on the size chart (5'8'', 150lbs, hip circumference 40in) and the guide says "If you're in between sizes and carry most of your weight around the waist, we might suggest choosing the larger size." The Problem is this: The leggins are really tight around my ankles and rather tight around my calves, but in a way that gives a good feel. However, they continue getting wider as they go up and so aroung the thights, they are not too tight but not loose but around the waist they're just too big. So the tight fit around my calves pulls down the leggins as I run. It's even worse if i put my phone in one of the pockets, which is actually one of the features I was looking forward to. I guess the leggins are mor made for a V-shaped body from ankle to belly, whereas I am mor of a coke-bottle shape. I'm also not sure if M would fit that much better because it can't get any tighter around the ankles/calves.

Additionally, I had to pay ~$35 shipping which made me reconsider my purchase but I ultimately found, it's worth it and went along with the order. But then I had to pay $50 of import tax and handling fees. These fees all more than doubled my order's price (just products: $75) and I won't get that all back if I return/replace the product but instead I will have to pay the shipping and handling all over again.

So what I choose to do (because as I said it's really great leggins if not for the fit) is find someone who can professionally sew the waistband tighter an inch or so, so that it doesn't slip anymore. That way at least I will be able to enjoy all the pros (great quality, very handy pockets on, good looks,...) but I will have paid quite some extra for it.
The import tax/handling fee is probably just my bad luck for ordering to Austria but it will sadly keep me from ordering anything else at waterlust even though I like the products and the dedication to marine life.


They fit well and are surprisingly warm. And they are beautiful. I can't get near the ocean yet but have confidence they will be as comfy in the water as out.

New favorite shorts

These shorts are amazing. Not only do they look great (and make my butt look amazing), but they are super comfortable and useful. The pockets are the perfect size for a phone and are actually usable. There is plenty of stretch for them to be comfortable working out in. I am excited to take them to the lake this summer to really test them out :)

Love these !

These leggings are super comfortable and fir really well! Will be purchasing more!

Face masks

Very nicely made. Would recommend these!

Just beautiful and I love the fit

I bought these mainly for the color and the fact that you can make the leg shorter is such a great idea!. I really love the shorts too. They are so durable and the colors really pop.

Super Comfortable

Fits true to size. Beautiful pattern. Soft comfortable material.

Elastic Broke

I didn't even get to wear the scrunchie. As soon as I went to put my hair in a pony tail, the inside elastic broke. Too bad. The feel and the pattern of the material was nice.

Hi Ramona! What a shame!! We haven't heard of this ever happening with our scrunchies before. There must have been a defect in sewing. So sorry about that! Not to worry, we stand by our quality and will absolutely get this replaced for you! I've just processed a new order for you. Apologies for the inconvenience!


I can’t stop looking at them. They’re so pretty and the length and thickness are awesome!


I really love these leggings! They are a little small in the booty area but fit great everywhere else. Love the colors and big pockets too

Of course I love it

Just like my whaleshark leggings, I also love these. The are pretty, fun and make me feel great :) keeps me connected to the ocean even when I use them for a hike or skiing in the Mountains :)

Some do some don’t

I love my new board shorts, for some reason my wife doesn’t, i have no doubt she will come over to my side. Great shorts!

Fit like a glove!

Throughout the past year with the pandemic and recent polar plunge weather here in Texas I have put on quite a bit of weight. I was worried about the leggzings not fitting or rolling down...nope! They fit perfectly! They are so comfortable too! I love the leggings!