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MEN'S Whale Shark Warrior Leggings
Chris Riley (Portland, OR, US)
More comfortable than I could've imagined

The pattern is beautiful, they fit great, and I feel like Aquaman

Invasive Lionfish Leggings
Patricia Ancona (Sierra Madre, CA, US)
New leggins

I was worried they were too small, but they fit great look great and movement is great. Can't wait to see if they can keep me warmer in this cold S California waters.

Sun-Kissed Sea Reversible Top
Gail Goodrich Totten (Austin, TX, US)
It's so beautiful!

I already have the abalone top, so now I have 2 that I absolutely love! The fabrics are gorgeous, and feel wonderful, with a bonus that they are both reversible - thank you!!

Whale Shark Warrior FULL-BODY Sun Suit
Customer (Warsaw, 14, PL)
Surpassed my expectations

Just got my first Waterlust “onesie” and it outdid my expectations. Quality is excellent. Fabric is so comfortable—and sustainable! Fit is fab. Plan to use for swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding and wing foiling. Love it!

SpongeBob Bikini Bottom Leggings
Susanne Webb (Dallas, GA, US)
Who live in a pineapple under the sea?

I am 60 years old and I do not like to show my white 60 year old legs at the pool at the gym.  I have tried other brands of swim pants and the have not fit right :(  I love to two pairs that I purchased from Waterlust!  I wore my SpongeBob outfit to my water Pilates aerobics class last night and everyone was asking where I had bought the outfit from.  I got sooooo many compliments :)  One thing I would like to suggest about the tops, I am a two time survivor of breast cancer and because of that I have one breast that is larger than the other. I would love it if you had the option to have removable pads in the top.  I have put a pad inside of the smaller side but it tends to move around when I am swimming. I am thinking of cutting a slit on the inside of the top and see if it will stay put if it is between the material. I just ordered two more outfits this week and cannot wait for them to arrive!

Cephalopod ID Tee
Ginny Holman (Glenview, IL, US)
Really Comfy!

It's a super comfy shirt and it doesn't affect any of the sensitivities i have to certain clothing! Plus the design is rad.

SpongeBob Bikini Bottom Leggings
Jen Downey (Miami, FL, US)
The best time to wear these leggies is ALL THE TIME

I’m a scuba instructor + mermaid instructor trainer and having fun, comfy, and well made water apparel is a big plus. These leggies are soft and vibrant and will help you slip into your wetsuit, tail, or sport them without either!

Not to mention all the good that Waterlust does with their brand. Way to go!
I’m 200 lb, 5’7 (mostly legs!), and bought the XXL. They are long enough for my legs, fit in all the right places, and have…. Wait for it…. Pockets.


10/10 get them. They make me SO HAPPY.

I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!

Sun-Kissed Sea FULL-BODY Sun Suit
Hilare Klinger (Effingham, IL, US)
Love it!

What was advertised is what was delivered.
Absolutely stunning and fits great!

Tag & Release Sailfish Leggings
Josephine Ketten (Miami, FL, US)
Sailfish set

I love the pattern and the fit of all my waterlust clothes! Got me through some rebreather training already, can’t wait to see where else they get to dive!

Whale Shark Warrior Recycled Hat
Karen Sudre (Cupertino, CA, US)
Love the accessories!

The headbands and hat are great for being out in and on the water.

Cosmic Coral 8 Inch Shorts
KARLA GIER (Montgomery, AL, US)
Great Customer Service

Purchased a swim top and shorts. Neither fit, but returning them was a breeze. Camilla was wonderful to work with. I love this company, but I just can't get their products to fit correctly.

Whale Shark Warrior Sun Suit
Hawkeye (Coralville, IA, US)
Very thick material

Love the concept however the material is quite heavy. I feel like I might sweat to death if I actually wore it to the beach.

Mermaid Camo Leggings
Stephanie (Beaverton, OR, US)
I revise my previous review

After being disappointed with my first purchase and the fit of the leggings, Waterlust went above and beyond to make it work. Fabulous customer service from this company.

Black Circularity Leggings
Meredith Albright (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Black Circularity Leggings

I love these leggings. I do not live near the ocean, but I love to hike, and these are the best hiking pants ever. They’re durable, comfortable and don’t look dirty easily… A plus when you need to pack light!

Whale Shark Warrior Leggings
Jill Kraus (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, US)
BEST (fun) leggings!!!

This is my 2nd pair of whale shark leggings! I recently lost some weight (yay for me!) and therefore needed to buy a smaller size... I wear the hell out of these leggings and they've never disappointed! Been washed MULTIPLE times and still hold the same glorious coloring! LOVE LOVE LOVE these leggings!! :)

Coral Conservation Leggings
Jen Mouer (Richmond, VA, US)
Love the leggings

2nd purchase of these leggings - perfect for on land use and water use - will be buying more

WOMEN'S Whale Shark Warrior Sun Shirt
Dee Rzewnicki (Seattle, WA, US)
Best hoodie

The fit, style and wear are amazing… now I want one in every design!!! Thank you

Fountain of Youth FULL-BODY Sun Suit
Katie Green (Jacksonville, FL, US)
So cute and comfy!

This suit is so amazing! Sizing was perfect based on the real-world models that are used. Very comfortable and once wet kept us nice and cool in the hot mexico sun. Customer service is responsive and so helpful!

Abalone Restoration Reversible Top
J.T. (El Paso, TX, US)
No Support

This is not for bigger chests. aIf I keep, will gave to wear a bikini vra underneath.

Hi J.T.,

Thanks for taking the time to send us this feedback! We made some design upgrades to our 2XL and 3XL tops that include more side coverage and an elastic band at the bottom for additional support. I think trying the next size up would help with the fit issues you are experiencing. Shoot us an email at hello@waterlust.com and I would be happy to set up an exchange and send the next size to try on side by side with the one you have!

Thanks again for taking the time to leave a review!


Coral Conservation Reversible Top
Emily Ruhl (San Antonio, TX, US)
Buttery soft and stretchy

This top is so comfortable, it’s absolutely going to be my go to top for diving in the summer. It’s got a lot of stretch to it but doesn’t move around too much once it’s on. The design is also spot on, and it’s reversible. Love supporting brands like this that stand for a critical cause!

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Sun Suit
BreeAnn Widman (Billings, MT, US)
Perfect as always!

These sunsuits hold up to multiple washes, chlorine and the ocean so well! I bought them fist for snorkeling to avoid sunscreen in the ocean, I have been using them to help coach swimmers in the pool. They are amazing. They dry super quick and are durable.

Parrotfish Protection Leggings
Memory Crowley (Riverview, FL, US)

This is a great product. Other companies are no longer making swim trunks so I am lucky to find these. The material, stitching and fit are great. The issue is the pattern is not good for my height of 5’5”, 120 lbs and 63 years so more abdominal weight. I have to cut off the pretty bottom for these to fit.

Sun-Kissed Sea Leggings
Alyssa Uzzi (Wellington, FL, US)

Sun-Kissed Sea Leggings

Tag & Release Sailfish Leggings
Jessica Rutenis (Miami, FL, US)
I’m hooked!

I have been eyeing the sailfish set for a while and finally bought it when I saw it was not going to be continued. The material is lighter and more comfortable than I thought and fits me perfectly! I cannot wait to wear my new gear on trips :)

Parrotfish Protection Leggings
Kim (Asheville, NC, US)
Prettier in person

The colors are so vibrant, and the fabric is soft and stretchy.