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Fountain of Youth Recycled Hat

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White sandy beaches may take the spotlight, but Florida is home to 1,000 freshwater springs, the highest density in the world. A birds-eye-view of the forest often reveals a magnificent pool of freshwater emerging from the aquifer below. Jump in and you may experience the coveted feeling of flight as you soar in the air-clear water.

    1. 6 panel, structured trucker design
    2. Uniquely printed and embroidered front panels that are chlorine, sun, saltwater and sunscreen resistant and made from recycled polyester
    3. Moisture absorption and sweat releasing sweatband fabric made from recycled polyester
    4. Recycled, breathable black mesh back
    5. Recycled, adjustable snap-back
    6. Slightly curved, recycled brim
  • Body fabric, trucker mesh, sweatband fabric, inside taping and thread (stitching, embroidery): 100% recycled polyester

    Top button, visor brim and snapback: 100% recycled polyethylene

    Sweatband interior padding foam: 65% polyether polyglyeol 35% toluene diisocyanate

    Sweatband interior padding mesh:100% polypropylene

Waterlust in the wild

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Inspired by and designed to advocate for the Floridan Aquifer and springs

Florida evokes daydreams of white sandy beaches and palm trees – but perhaps the most magnificent water in Florida lies just out of sight. In the Sunshine State, water fills the limestone cavities of the Floridan aquifer beneath our feet. This is the source of drinking water for 92% of Floridians. But this water is not always hidden - where it finds its way to the surface, it forms marvelous freshwater springs, which support not only human life in Florida but also incredibly diverse and unique aquatic ecosystems. In fact, Florida is home to the highest density of freshwater springs in the world – more than 1,000 of them dot the karst landscape of the sunny peninsula.

Unfortunately, increasing development and growing pressures on water resources are having negative impacts on Florida’s springs. Over the past 15 or 20 years, Florida’s burgeoning population has had a plethora of consequences for the springs, namely decreases in flow due to over-pumping and a transition from native underwater grasses to nasty algae. Nitrate levels in the springs have skyrocketed and ecosystem dynamics have changed as food webs are altered.

5% of sales from your purchase of this product are donated to the Alachua Conservation Trust

"Thanks to the support of Waterlust and its customers, ACT's Young Leaders for Wild Florida Program continues to successfully provide youth education on freshwater springs protection and land protection to Florida's future generations of leaders. Partnering with Waterlust on these efforts is both rewarding and critical to conserving Florida's precious natural resources."

Tom Kay, Executive Director

the Alachua Conservation Trust

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Jason Freedman (Hollidaysburg, PA, US)


Lisa Litwak (Durham, NC, US)

Fountain of Youth Recycled Hat

Katherine P (Newcastle, ON, CA)
Love this hat!

I can't say enough great things about this hat! It's gorgeous and fits perfectly. I often struggle finding a hat that fits well and I'm so happy that I purchased this one. Escaping the cold weather and flying south in a few weeks and I can't wait to wear it. Thank you!

DouG (Brookfield, CT, US)
Amazing Hat - design & construction

This hat is visually appealing. I love the imagery used and the logo. It is unique and come with a story about how you are saving a paticular natural space. Thsi hat also is constructed very well. It is well sewn and made out of strong materials. Thsi is not a hat that will fall apart on you. I highly recomend any of the Waterlust hats, i have two and both are top notch in design and construction.

Joseph rosso (Columbus, OH, US)
Love the hat and the company!

Love this hat! It's one of my new favorites. My girlfriend also loves her leggings I got her. Thank you for the causes you represent too!

Melanie Boyer (Punta Gorda, TOL, BZ)
Fits my big head

I have a big head—it’s just how it is in my family. The XL fit me perfectly, no problem. That’s a relief for the big-headed community.