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Waterlust Trivia

Every spring and fall semester, we host a marine science trivia challenge for marine science institutions like universities, ocean institutes, and ocean education organizations.

How it works

Our salty team of marine science nerds will provide you 3 sets of questions & answers (25 questions each) to host 3 gatherings over three months. The subject matter will span all aspects of marine science, such as marine biology, physical oceanography, marine chemistry, marine geology, atmospheric science etc… We aim to make questions that will challenge players with a graduate-student level of education, so creating diverse teams with members with a wide variety of knowledge is encouraged. Teams may have between 1-6 participants. 

The specific time and location of your trivia gatherings is up to you, we just ask that the 3 fall contests are held in September, October and November, and the 3 spring contests are held in March, April and May. 

We will provide you answer sheets and score-reporting instructions. Hosts are responsible for reporting their scores to us so we can rank your group’s overall trivia performance, which is required to be crowned the season champion. 


Each member of the winning team from each gathering will get a $50 digital gift card to Waterlust.com. We may also offer additional prizes throughout the year. 

Every contest we will calculate the average score (% of questions answered correctly) of your participants and rank your overall performance against other groups. At the end of each season, the organization with the highest overall performance will be crowned the season champion and the name of the organization will be engraved onto the Waterlust Marine Science Trivia Trophy, which stays on display under 24-hour armed protection at Waterlust headquarters. 

The Waterlust Marine Science Trivia Trophy

Interested in being a host for an upcoming season of trivia? Please fill out the form and we'll get in touch soon!

Note: You must be hosting on behalf of some sort of marine science institution like a university, ocean institute, or an ocean education organization.

2023 Spring Waterlust Trivia Rankings

Rank & Institution Mar % Apr % May % Total %
1. Naval Postgraduate School 64 84 84 77.3
2. University of Texas at Austin - Marine Science Institute 58 69 78 68.4
3. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute 59 64 66 63.1
4. University of Florida 69 46 66 60.2
5. University of Delaware 57 60 61 59.6
6. University of Washington 60 60 57 59.1
7. Aquarium of the Pacific 60 56 44 53.3
8. University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography 48 57 53 52.8
9. Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science
46 51 57 51.2
10. University of Southern Alabama 59 43 51 50.9
11. King Abdullah University of Science and & Technology 36 58 49


12. Duke University 35 52 55


13. CIMI Fox Landing 54 46 0


Note: Scores represent the average percentage of correct answers by all teams competing.