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Sun Suits

Soft, stretchy, and resilient long-sleeve suits that block over 98% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation from the sun (UPF50+, the highest rating achievable) and protect you from stinging critters. If the ocean is your happy place but you recognize the importance of skin protection, these suits are for you! 

Wonderful - unexpected quality. Just received my Sun Suit. The quality is so far above what I expected. I expected it to be nice, but WOW. I also bought 3 other name brands and they call came at about the same time. Tried on all 4 and the difference was astounding. The Waterlust Sun Suit is sturdier. the Thumb holes are super reinforced AND don't have this ugly gappy look when they're off, the sleeve folds down flat. The chest area does not have fake breast covers that move all over, they actually expect you'll have a top on under this.
 The fabric is nicely think like good compression shorts and it's SOFT! How do you get SOFT fabric from Plastic Bottles? I'm impressed enough, I'm back on the site shopping for more.

- Elizabeth Boyd

"Ray-ving about this suit! I have loved Waterlust and their company’s ethics since I discovered them in 2021. The Eagle Ray pattern is my absolute favorite (I have all their other Eagle Ray clothing items), and I was over the moon when Waterlust made an Eagle Ray sun suit. I’m so glad I can use this multifunctional suit to raise awareness for one of my favorite marine creatures! This sun suit is perfect! It gave me just the right amount of coverage and support while playing in the waves with my kids and it felt incredibly comfortable. I can’t wait to pair it with my Eagle Ray shorts or leggings for summer dives (and hopefully see a couple actual Eagle Rays too). Don’t debate if you want one of their sun suits or not, go ahead and add one to your cart now. If you’re debating on what pattern, in my completely biased opinion, the Eagle Ray pattern is the best. I ordered a Mighty (also three cheers for their sizing terminology) which fit true to size for me."

Meagan L.