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High-performance board shorts with unique prints inspired by nature. Made from recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles, our quick-drying fabric is designed with medium stretch to provide dynamic comfort but enough rigidity to live up to daily abuse. Absolutely no velcro anywhere, and the waist ties are made from high strength paracord. Designed for everyday use and wherever your aquatic adventures may take you.

Whale Shark Warrior Boardshorts
$69.00 USD
Abyss Blue Boardshorts
$69.00 USD
Spotted Eagle Ray Boardshorts
$69.00 USD
Merman Camo Boardshorts
$69.00 USD
Sockeye Salmon Boardshorts
$69.00 USD
Invasive Lionfish Boardshorts
$69.00 USD
Sea Turtle Survival Boardshorts
$69.00 USD

"My go-to board shorts years later. I've been using these shorts for a few years as a professional scuba diver (and water/beach enthusiast). They've been with me on a couple hundred dives and have been abused by chlorine, salt, sun, sand, and rough boat decks. I understand that it's hard to believe me when I say that they are in the same condition now that they were when I bought them, but it's true. Despite all the abuse, there's no corrosion, the zipper on the pocket is smooth, the drawstring holds true, the colors are vibrant, and they still fit perfectly. The material is the ideal balance between being durable and lightweight/breathable. After a few years, my Waterlust board shorts continue to be my go-to choice anytime I'm going to be on, around, or in the water."

- Robbie

"8 Month usage update: The drawstring closure kicks butt!! Like so many things, the devil is in the details, and the drawstrings on the board shorts have the details right. We are live aboard sailors and I have worn these shorts for 4-5 days a week, in the Caribbean sun and saltwater, and they have proven durable and tough, extremely comfortable and easy to use. And I never thought I would describe a board short as easy to use, but after you have tried a drawstring system that works so effectively, you realize how crappy your old shorts were. The middle of the drawstring is stitched down so it never becomes asymmetrical and it has just the right amount of friction so the knots never come undone. And the eyelets which have been doused in saltwater maybe 500 times, are not corroded. Truely a great short and is comfortable and can keep up with your active lifestyle."

- Conor Smith

Best board shorts I've owned.

"I live in my boardshorts as well as use them for work. I was looking for a set that was made of recycled materials, stretch features, and bomb-proof. This set checks all boxes and has some amazing features (like the side key loop that i never realized i needed before owning these shorts). High placed cargo pocket is amazing!"

- Eliot T Freutel

9 NOV 2020

Whale Shark Warrior Board Shorts

"Bought these for my husband as a birthday present and he basically refuses to wear any other board shorts now. I asked him what his thoughts were and he said, "these are 10/10, awesome!" He especially liked the quality of the closure and says it is the best he has worn. Will be back!"

- Tatiana Weisbrod

17 DEC 2019

About the BEST board shorts!

"I can't say enough about these Board Shorts. They are so comfortable, and and fit just right! There is nothing to not like about these! There are lots of awesome little attention to details, and have no problem wearing these going from Board to knocking around town or the home. Thank you for the BEST!"

- BGeff

24 OCT 2020