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The Waterlust Blog

My years chasing waves have taught me a lot about why I am attracted to surfing and what I’m trying to get out of it. If I could sit down with my teenage self, I’d share some insight in hopes of helping guide his journey. But alas, time travel is still not a thing, so the next best I can do is put the pen to the page and share some thoughts that may help you! 
The line is set. Holding onto it, I try not to think about what I am about to do. A clip is painfully attached to my nose, tight as possible to keep the water out. Waves cover my face as I float on my back and I inhale deeply. I close my eyes and focus on my breathing. Slowly my fears of the unknown future dissolve, like clouds in the sky just before the sunrise. I take my last breath of air and dive into the deep blue.
My name is Conor Smith, and like everyone, my life has changed dramatically in recent months. My fiancé, Stephanie, and I live aboard our sailboat full time and had plans to be logging 2000 nautical miles (nm) under her keel by the summertime. Instead we are seeking isolated anchorages in the remote Bahamas to remain safe during these unsure times. We are looking to minimize exposure to other people and have a war-like mindset to reduce our consumption of supplies and fuel to extend the working life of everything we have aboard.
Charlie Enright is a professional sailor and ocean advocate. Having logged over 300,000 miles in offshore sailing with two laps around the planet, he is no stranger to self-isolation and social distancing. As the skipper and leader of competitive sailing teams, he’s become skilled at assessing risks, managing crises, and adapting behaviors to improve performance.