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Men's Tops

Equal parts durable and luxurious, these sun shirts are built with a silk-weight, recycled fabric that shields your bodacious bod in an airy cocoon of UPF 50+ protection. Tees are made from 100% ringspun organic cotton and screen printed using either water-based or renewable algae ink.

MEN'S Fountain of Youth Sun Shirt
$72.00 USD
Shark ID Tee
Sold Out
Cephalopod ID Tee
$29.00 USD
Coral Reef ID Tee
$29.00 USD
Logo Tee
$29.00 USD
Sea Turtle ID Tee
$29.00 USD

"I just purchased the tiger shark sun shirt and quite honestly, it's one of the best garments I've ever worn for warm water surfing! I don't generally like the look of the super tight fitting rashies, so normally I opt for loose fitting tech-Tee sort of apparel while surfing. Even then though, I tend to get a little rashed up. I picked up this rashie and it was like you guys knew exactly what I was looking for! The fabric is super soft (pretty impressive considering it's made of recycled plastic!) and not the classic tight fit style you normally see. I really dig the thumb holes in the sleeves too!...that's something you don't normally see in the tech-tees that I've been wearing. Generally with the tech-tees, the long sleeves tend to bunch up and when you're surfing, they create a bit of unwanted drag, awesome add-on! Not to mention that the print is also very slick! Thanks for the new men's line guys! You've got one very satisfied customer!"

- Brendan Healy

"Lovely T-shirt! I am really pleased with my Sharks T-shirt-it is very comfortable, fits well, and it has Sharks!! I got several compliments the first time I wore it. Thanks for another great product!"

- Charles Linderkamp