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Every purchase from this collection donates 5% of sales to the Billfish Foundation and advocates for billfish conservation

Billfish Conservation


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Why advocate for billfish conservation?

A truly stunning species, sailfish are closely related to marlin and swordfish. Together these species are referred to as billfish because of their elongated bills or rostra. One of the most important roles sailfish play is their flexibility in the food chain. While they grow to be quite large, up to 10 feet (~3m) and 220 lbs (~100kg), they begin as minuscule larvae. When born, they are just 1/8 of an inch or less than half a centimeter! At this size, sailfish are preyed upon by a plethora of fish that feed on plankton. However, as they increase in size, they have fewer and fewer predators and in turn prey on some of the species that eat them at smaller sizes! And finally, as they become juveniles and then reach adulthood, sailfish are generally only preyed upon by large marine animals such as sharks. The wide range of other species that sailfish interact with in this predator-prey dynamic underlines their importance. A loss in sailfish populations would likely impact numerous other species – from small fish that feed on them as larvae to sharks that feed on them as adults to the variety of prey that sailfish themselves consume. Additionally, their speed, agility and dynamic nature make them one of the worlds most renowned sportfish for recreational anglers. As prized sportfish, they sustain important recreational fisheries, making them both economically and culturally important as well.

To help you advocate for billfish conservation, the following

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Call-To-Action Postcards

Raising awareness is important, but it’s not enough! We all need to take action to help turn the tide. We worked with our science partners to create subject specific post cards that explain the top beneficial actions you can take on behalf of the species or ecosystem you’re supporting with your purchase. Shipped with every order, these cards are informative, beautiful and ready for a stamp so you can share it with a friend. 

Educational Series

Our team of salty science communicators hit the library and dug up everything you need to know about the species or ecosystem you’re supporting with your purchase. From past history and current status to future conservation challenges and specific ways you can get more involved, each series takes a deep dive into the causes we support so you can stay informed.

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5% of sales from your purchase are donated to high-impact research and education organizations that are experts in their specific fields. We encourage you to learn more about these amazing organizations here. Purchases from this collection donate to the Billfish Foundation.