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Tiger Shark Trailblazer Sun Suit

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Intimidating stripes cover one of the ocean’s largest apex predators. Sitting atop the marine food pyramid, tiger sharks play a significant roll in balancing the tropical and temperate water ecosystem, which is why we celebrate their beauty and support research that informs management of their population.

    1. UPF 50+ sun protection (max rating achievable)
    2. Fibers mechanically engineered for quick-dry, moisture-wicking and breathability
    3. Resilient 4-way stretch and recovery for shape retention in and out of the water
    4. 100% chlorine, sun, salt water, and sunscreen resistant
    5. High neck collar, thumbholes at wrists, and medium back booty coverage
    6. Back zipper for easy entry, with a long paracord pull for easy zip up
    7. Raglan cut sleeves for great range of shoulder movement
    8. No shelf bra or padding. For more support, we suggest wearing a bikini top underneath
    9. Tag-less for comfort
  • Main fabric: 88% Repreve® RPET (recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles), 12% spandex

    Zipper: polyacetal resin (tough, high strength thermoplastic)

    Zipper pull: high tensile strength nylon paracord

UPF 50+ Sun Protection (Max Rating Achievable)

100% Fade-Proof From Chlorine, Sun & Saltwater

Anti-Microbial = Smell-Resistant

Fibers Mechanically Engineered For Quick-Dry & Moisture-Wicking

Made From Recycled Materials

Waterlust in the wild

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Advocate Apparel Inspired by tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier)

Tiger sharks are classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as “Near Threatened”, and thus, research, education and outreach is essential to ensuring healthy populations. As one of the ocean’s largest predators, these critical species sit at the top of the food chain, helping to regulate the delicate balance of populations of those beneath in the ecosystem. Decreased populations can result in trophic cascades, impacting the abundance and behavior of other species lower on the food chain.

Multiple research methods have shown that some species of sharks have declined in population by 90% or more during the last several decades in areas where they were formerly abundant. These declines are due to direct targeting in commercial fisheries, mostly for their fins and sometimes meat. Additionally, sharks are often caught unintentionally as bycatch in many other fisheries, caught and killed in some recreational fisheries (unlike catch and release), and may also be impacted by humans more indirectly through threats like habitat loss, pollution, and human-driven declines in the fish species sharks rely on for food.

10% of profits from your purchase of this product are donated to the Shark Research and Conservation Program at the University of Miami

"We are so proud of our collaboration with Waterlust. Not only does their support help enable our shark conservation research, but the apparel itself is a walking billboard for marine conservation. I love it when people on the street stop to ask me about my tiger shark board shorts. It's an opportunity to start a conversation about the wonders and perils faced by sharks and how the average person can help make a difference.”

Neil Hammerschlag, Ph.D.

the Shark Research and Conservation Program at the University of Miami

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Morgan Sherwood (Walnut Creek, CA, US)
Great Quality

I love my new sun suit! I won it in a giveaway and it fits perfectly. The quality of the suit is super nice and the zip in the back is very practical!

Kristy Rivero (Orlando, FL, US)
Great Customer Service and Perfect Sun Protection!

My daughter is 5'2" and about 100 pounds and I figured an extra small would be perfect for her but it was too tight across the shoulders. The exchange process was super easy and they sent her out a small and it fit like a glove (now I know that I'm definitely not a small, lol). Love the weight of the fabric, fit is great, and I'm so excited for her to have this super cute suit to wear on warm water dive/snorkel trips. We'll be testing it out in Thailand next week! Thanks so much!

Theress Hancock (Sacramento, CA, US)
Best Sun Suit on the Planet

This suit is fantastic and so tiger-sharply! I can’t wait to jump in the ocean! The materials that made the suit fill my heart with joy! Love it so much!

Danya Williams (Steamboat Springs, CO, US)

Tiger Shark Trailblazer Sun Suit

Elizabeth L (Mary Esther, FL, US)
Camilla is a lifesaver

I had an issue and Camilla went above and beyond to help me out. The suit looks amazing!

G. B. (Santa Fe, NM, US)
Great suit in a great pattern!

The quality of this suit really impressed me: the construction, design, and the fabric itself, which is much more substantial than you might expect. I am 5’0” and under 100 pounds and got the xs. It fits fine (although I feel the rear coverage could be a tad more substantial). I was worried that the sleeves might be too long and although they are a tad long for my rather short arms I can still get the thumb holes to align properly. I plan to sue this on extended snorkel sessions and I have no doubt it will prove its worth.