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WOMEN'S Sun-Kissed Sea Sun Shirt

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Our sun shirts allow you to spend hours outside in the sun without overheating or cooking your largest organ in UV radiation. Lightweight, airy, stylish, and fun, sun protection as rad as you!

The interface where air and water meet is a magical place, the physical crossroad where terrestrial and aquatic life on Earth interact. But not only is it our gateway to the submerged, the water's surface is also where heat is transferred to and from the atmosphere. Imagine this energy flowing through you the next time you float suspended between these two worlds.

    1. Ultra lightweight and breathable
    2. Certified UPF 50+, blocking >98% of the fireball’s harmful rays
    3. Ergonomic hood that stays put in the wind, featuring a ponytail slot for your hair
    4. Streamlined thumbholes to protect your hands from the sun
    5. 100% fade proof, chlorine, sun, salt water, and sunscreen resistant
    6. Fabric mechanically engineered for quick dry, moisture wicking and breathability
    7. Tag-less for comfort
  • Made from recycled materials and knitted into an ultra fine, lightweight fabric, think of it as the working persons stretchy silk. So silky smooth and cool to the touch, your skin literally gets goosebumps when you put it on, but stays shielded from the sun all day on the water. You can stand in an asphalt parking lot on a hot, humid, sunny day in Miami in July at noon and still feel cool. Yep, our test team tested it…reluctantly.

    91% Repreve® RPET (recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles), 9% spandex

UPF 50+ Sun Protection (Max Rating Achievable)

100% Fade-Proof From Chlorine, Sun & Saltwater

Anti-Microbial = Smell-Resistant

Fibers Mechanically Engineered For Quick-Dry & Moisture-Wicking

Made From Recycled Materials

Waterlust in the wild

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Advocate Apparel Inspired by coastal resiliency

Approximately 40% of humans on Earth live within 100km of the ocean and currently 190 million people globally live at elevations below the projected high tide line for 2100 under low carbon emission conditions. In other words, the water is coming and we need to prepare!

Coastal resiliency is a term used to describe the ability of a community to “bounce back" after hazardous events such as hurricanes, coastal storms, and flooding – rather than simply reacting to impacts, and it is becoming one of the most important fields of study in science & engineering.

5% of sales from your purchase of this product are donated to the Alfred C. Glassell Jr. SUSTAIN Laboratory at the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science

"The SUSTAIN laboratory's collaboration with Waterlust has been a great way to engage students in outreach. So many of them at all levels are interested in bringing our research on hurricanes and climate resilience to the general public. I also often show some of the Waterlust videos in my classes to highlight to the students how engaging this work can be when presented in an interesting way."

Brian Haus, Ph.D.

the Alfred C. Glassell Jr. SUSTAIN Laboratory at the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science

Customer Reviews

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carrie (Honolulu, HI, US)
Comfortable and so pretty!

Love this shirt so much, both for usefulness in sun protection and because it's just so darn pretty! I fit the dimensions of the medium size but like my sleeves longer and a looser overall fit, so I sized up to a large and it's perfect. The return/exchange process was very easy and though I've only worn this sun shirt once so far, I hope and expect to get many fun wears out of this!

Sandra Deming (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Sun Kissed Sea - Sun Shirt

This is lovely- I haven't worn it yet. The medium size is just right- it corresponds to other tee's and gym clothes that I also wear in size "M".

Brittany McLaughlin (Tokyo, 13, JP)

SO comfy and exactly what I needed! I love how long it is, so even if it rides up a little while swimming, I'm still fully protected from the sun. I also like the thumb holes that keep the sleeves in place. And the fabric is SO breezy. I wore this out in 95+ degree weather and as soon as it was wet, it kept me cool for a long time.
4 stars instead of 5 because the sizing seems a little inconsistent. I also ordered legging and a swim top, all in the 3x size, and while the others are a little tight, this is actually a little loose. Because of this, it causes a bit of drag when swimming, but not enough to be a problem. However, if you are expecting/wanting a really form fitting rash guard, you may want to size down.
Also a SUPER minor complaint but I don't really want/need the hood. It creates a little extra drag, but it's easy enough to tuck into the neckline to keep it out of the way

Ann Gosselin (Traverse City, MI, US)

A little too long. Don’t care for the opening at the end of the sleeves

Lisa Havel

WOMEN'S Sun-Kissed Sea Sun Shirt

Stephanie DeWitt (Castle Rock, CO, US)
LOVE this shirt!

I'm going to have to order another one because people tell me I'm wearing this one too much!