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Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Reversible Top

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The gorgeous, mottled complexion of the Atlantic spotted dolphin, Stenella frontalis, varies across individuals, and especially age. Born without spots, the distinctive black, white and grey speckles accumulate across their skin as they mature.

    1. Seamless, reversible design for versatility and comfort
    2. Mid level support- wear for diving, yoga, swimming, lifting, surfing, etc.
    3. Fibers mechanically engineered for quick dry, moisture wicking and breathability
    4. Resilient 4-way stretch and recovery for shape retention in and out of the water
    5. 100% chlorine, sun, saltwater and sunscreen resistant
    6. UPF 50+ sun protection (max rating achievable)
    7. Tear away tag
  • 88% Repreve® RPET (recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles), 12% spandex

UPF 50+ Sun Protection (Max Rating Achievable)

100% Fade-Proof From Chlorine, Sun & Saltwater

Anti-Microbial = Smell-Resistant

Fibers Mechanically Engineered For Quick-Dry & Moisture-Wicking

Made From Recycled Materials

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Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella frontalis), are the more frequently seen of two different species of spotted dolphins found in the Abacos; the other species is the pan-tropical spotted dolphin (Stenella attenuata). Spotted dolphins are not born with spots, but actually accumulate them as they mature, becoming quite mottled-looking as adults. Hence, young spotted dolphins are often confused with bottlenose dolphins, and sometimes the two species will interact, which adds to the confusion. Spotted dolphins have a more slender snout, and although they can almost reach the same length as bottlenose dolphins, they have a smaller girth and thus body weight.

Atlantic spotted dolphins are a year-round resident species in the Abacos. Individuals photo-identified 20 years ago can still be seen ranging along the eastern and southwestern coasts of Abaco. They are commonly seen in groups of 20-50 dolphins in the oceanic waters where they feed on flying fish and squid, and rarely venture on to the bank. However, in the northwestern part of Little Bahama Bank this species can regularly be found along the western edge of the banks during the daytime where they come to rest and socialize.

10% of profits from your purchase of this product are donated to the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation

“BMMRO has been thrilled to work with Waterlust and their wonderful fashionable and performance clothing line, promoting the conservation of important marine species. A wonderful business idea that has resulted in a win-win situation.”

Dr. Charlotte Dunn

the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Abriana Hendrix (Lakeland, FL, US)
Sad to see it go :(

This top is all my dreams and wishes turned into a stylish part of my wardrobe. It's SO comfortable and adorable! Breaks my heart to see the pattern retiring, but I'm so happy I got a part of the collection before it went. Definitely going to buy these tops in every pattern!

Erin Hase-Strand (Minneapolis, MN, US)
Spotted dolphin Sports bra

Ok, so this is an amazing product, the fabric is thick and great quality and it’s fairly comfortable, but I ordered a 3XL which I thought would be plenty big but it was still pretty small. I wear a 38 DDD OR 40 DD and my boobs were incredibly squished ( not in a good way) and spilling out the sides. So all in all great product… but 3 xl fits more like a 1 xl.

Hi - thanks so much for your feedback and sorry to hear it didn't fit as expected! According to our records it looks like your order was actually a 2XL... so if you'd like to try a 3XL that may be a better fit for you! Exchanges and returns are easy - just follow instructions here - https://returns.waterlust.com/ and feel free to shoot us an email if you need any help or have any questions - hello@waterlust.com.

Katie Pinto (Moreno Valley, CA, US)
Sports Bra

Super thick, super perfect, dries really nicely after swimming in it.

Melissa Ross (New Hill, NC, US)
In love!

I love this sports bra! It's comfortable and the design looks amazing! My size varies when it comes to sports bras, but as my bra size is typically 36A/34B, I went with a size S (the smaller recommended size of the two). Fit perfectly! I like how this is reversible as well-not sure if I'd ever want to switch from the cool dolphin design, but it's always nice to have the option.

Kat D. (Secaucus, NJ, US)
Comfy but beware of in-between sizing

This is a great top, I love the fabric, pattern, and that it's reversible. However I'm not sure I agree with the "if you're in between sizes, size down" recommendation. I'm a 34D and took the advice on the size chart, and while the XS/S did technically fit, after about an hour of wear I was very sore around the ribcage. I'll be giving this top to a friend and getting the Medium instead.

Hi Kat - thanks so much for your feedback about sizing and size recommendations!

Laura Frost (Youngstown, OH, US)
So comfy!

I absolutely love these tops. I think they’re more comfortable than a sports bra. They fit true to size. I can’t wait to try it while swimming this summer!