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Every time we make clothing from a roll of fabric, there are some “scraps” that get left behind. This lonely material, known as “pre-consumer” waste, contributes significantly to the environmental footprint of clothing. Enter headbands! Made from the leftover recycled material used for our leggings, our headbands are quick drying, moisture wicking and breathable while also enabling us to reduce our pre-consumer waste. 

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Made From Fabric Remnants

Industry-wide it’s estimated that 15-20% of fabric used to make clothing is discarded as pre-consumer waste, and although we use some nifty approaches to maximize the efficiency of our garment’s patterns, we still have some leftover. These headbands are our way of reducing the amount of pre-consumer waste we create when we cut our garments out of our recycled fabric. The process goes like this:

headbands bottle journey graphic.001.jpeg

Giving Back

As with all of our printed apparel, we give 10% of profits to relevant research or non profit organizations.


Sea Turtle Survival

10% of profits go to the FSU Marine Turtle Research, Ecology and Conservation Group

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Tiger Shark Trailblazer

10% of profits go to the shark research and conservation program at the university of miami

tiger shark.png

Whale shark warrior

10% of profits go to the Marine Megafauna Foundation

whale shark.png
sustain tank.jpg

Sun Kissed Sea

10% of profits to go the sustain lab at the university of miami

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Fountain of Youth

10% of profits go to the springs eternal project

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coral morphologic.jpeg

Cosmic Coral

10% of profits go to coral morphologic

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