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64% of African American children don’t know how to swim and in the US, they are three times more likely to drown than caucasian children.

To help turn the tide, we’re donating 100% of profits from our “Divers In Solidarity” collection to the Black Girls Dive Foundation, an inspiring non-profit dedicated to educating underserved youth about swimming and empowering young girls and women to explore their STEM identities and become leaders in conservation.

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According to a 2011 study between the YMCA and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, this unacceptable disparity is driven by institutional racism, myths and stereotypes that affect swimming participation, and the inherited fears that they create. Learning to swim is not only a critical survival skill, but it opens the pathway to water related activities like SCUBA diving, sailing and surfing, which are often the foundations on which a career in marine science is built.

As a species, if we want to solve the complex problems surrounding the environmental crisis, we need the brightest and most talented minds to participate. In the world of marine science, that isn’t happening because people are getting turned away from the water at the very beginning.

BGD Scholar Symantha diving the Red Sea. Photographer: Samantha Isom

Educational outreach on water safety and ensuring that recreational aquatic activities can be enjoyed in a safe environment.

Introducing participants to the fundamental techniques of SCUBA and dive theory.

Q & A with Black Girls Dive Foundation

We're incredibly thankful to everybody that has purchased our Divers in Solidarity products in support of the Black Girls Dive Foundation! As of September 2020 we've raised $10,000 for BGD and thought it would be fun to catch up with their co-founder Dr. Nevada Winrow to learn more about their impactful work, how they plan to use the funds, and how people like you can get involved and be allies in your community!

Learn more about their amazing work at