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Pleated Cotton Masks

  • Double layered, 100% cotton
  • Mostly made from scrap material, they come in assorted prints. Prints are sent out at random, yours will not necessarily be the same print as in the photos
  • Machine washable
  • No returns or exchanges allowed
  • Available for purchase at our manufacturing cost, as a temporary service to our community at this time

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Fun Masks, Excellent Value

These are the only masks I needed to get me through the pandemic. Surprising, fun colors and prints, well-made, well-priced, sustainable, and long-lasting, these masks check all the boxes. The fit was slightly inconsistent, which would be a plus for a family that needed different sizes. For myself, I solved the looseness issue by tying a knot in the elastic. Thank you for making such a great product.

Great for the moment

I really appreciated how expediently these masks came in spring 2020 and they worked great (the small size for me, the larger size for my husband). The fabric was also thick which made me feel more protected.

Now, in mid-2021, these masks have become my back-ups now that we have a better understanding of what prevents COVID transmission, my preference is 3-layered masks / KN95s. If Waterlust made masks that were more fitted for human faces and had multiple layers / filter pockets, I would be more inclined to purchase masks again.

Wonderful mask

This mask is so comfortable and colorful! The elastic for the ear loops is the most comfortable I’ve found!! I get so many compliments on the pattern/colors. These masks do not have a metal nose piece so they have a lot of gaps which decreases the effectiveness of the masks (but if they’re worn over a surgical mask it’s really comfortable). On the plus side, no nose wire means they’re really easy to wash. They are high quality; I’ve had one for over a year and it looks exactly the same as the first day I got it! The colors are still bright, the fabric shows absolutely no wear at all, and the elastic is still in wonderful shape!

Love these!

A friend posted about her Waterlust masks, and I liked the backstory and love prints. I've ordered a lot more masks over the past year, but still wear the three I got from Waterlust quite a bit, especially now that I'm vaccinated and not as worried about wearing a double layer. They're especially great for when I'm outside. And the elastic is more comfortable than some others I have.

Great, long lasting masks!

I ordered a pack of 5 masks in April 2020 and have used them almost daily ever since. They are quality material, while still allowing for easy breathing. The masks cover your nose and go under your chin. They also do not lose their elasticity after a year of use! I get a ton of complements on the colors and patterns as well.

Pleated cotton mask

love it comfortable and easy to clean

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