From the very beginning, the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) has been our home and our inspiration. Motivated by the exciting scientific discoveries and compelling stories that we were surrounded by, Waterlust was formed as an experiment to share our passion with the World. We would not be what we are without the support of this inspiring community of intelligent, ambitious, and generous individuals. We consider our unique blend of marine science, sport, and art to be critical to our success as an organization, a rare fusion largely made possible by our connection to RSMAS.

In November 2011, with no experience in film or photography, armed with nothing but a few point and shoot cameras and an overwhelming desire to change the world, we started a project called Waterlust. Our goal was simple but ambitious. We set out to produce films and photography that capture the human experience with water as a platform to raise awareness about the environment. As fate would have it, we were lucky. Those point and shoot cameras we had were called GoPro's, and the passionate clan of people that built them believed in us. Their mantra, "Be a hero" resonated with our ideals while their products enabled us to do something that we otherwise couldn't, capture breathtaking footage without formally knowing what the hell we were doing. With each project we continue to search for new perspectives and limitations for the worlds most versatile camera, but so far, we haven't found any. As the primary equipment sponsor of Waterlust, GoPro gives us eyes with which to see things that we otherwise couldn't. We can only imagine what we will see tomorrow.



Thank you to our supporters who enable us to do what we do!

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