A print in collaboration with Coral Morphologic, featuring a Portugese man o' war.


Despite its appearance, the man o' war is not a jellyfish but a siphonophore, which is a colonial organism made up of specialized individual animals called zooids or polyps. These zooids are so physiologically unified that they are unable to survive independently, and thus function together as if they were an individual animal!

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Just a few Ways to rock your Waterlust sun mask:



92% Repreve® RPET (recycled polyester), 8% lycra, giving 5 post-consumer plastic bottles a positive future. 100% awesome!  Printed using dye-sublimation, an environmentally friendly process which uses no water and minimizes waste.

Built with a 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor and scooped back coverage to keep your face and neck protected from that giant fireball in the sky.

Resilient 4-way stretch and recovery for superior shape retention.

Sorbtek fiber technology for quick dry, moisture wicking and breathability. Get wet, get dry, stay stoked!

Versatility for wear in a variety of ways, in & out of the water. Keep your face and neck covered or hold your hair back.


Giving Back

The Portuguese man o' war has no way to self propel; meaning it moves at the mercy of the ocean currents, tides, and the wind. Subsequently, even though they are typically found in tropical and subtropical open oceans, the wind can often take them to beaches and bays. Their nickname is telling of why we humans must do our best to avoid them when they arrive in these populated places. Known as “floating terror", man o' war have beautiful, but venomous tentacles which deliver a painful and sometimes fatal sting. Pretty badass if you ask us!

This print is a collaboration with Coral Morphologic, a Miami-based hybrid art/science endeavor. Their art and research aim to celebrate and visualize this connection between Miami and its origins, and in doing so, better understand the future of corals in their ever-changing habitat. Coral reefs contain the most diverse ecosystems on our planet. They provide vital shelter for marine organisms and help protect our coastlines from damaging effects of coastal storms and waves. Through photography and film, Coral Morphologic captures the beauty of Earth’s most fluorescent forms of life in hopes of inspiring future generations to study, preserve, and restore our world’s underwater cities.

10% of profits from your purchase will go to Coral Morphologic, to continue their research into these vibrant lifeforms and further inspire others through their unique marriage of art and science.

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