We aim to develop products with the least environmental impact possible which help to divert waste, support relevant research and non-profit organizations, and educate the wearer as well as those around them.

The majority of our apparel line uses recycled polyester (or RPET) that is made from recycled post consumer plastic bottles. Did you know that about 30 billion water bottles are used in the U.S. every year and only around 20% are recycled? This leaves billions of forgotten bottles in landfills and other places they shouldn’t be, like our oceans, beaches, and waterways. 

Most people don't realize that virgin polyester is also made from plastic. Virgin polyester (brand new polyester yarn) is a polymer most commonly referred to as polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. PET is actually a plastic derived from crude oil, which is the same plastic that is used to make soda bottles, water bottles, ketchup bottles, etc. So the typical synthetic yarn that we refer to as polyester is essentially plastic made in yarn form and spun into fabric. Recycled polyester is also derived from the same PET, however, instead of creating it from new crude oil resources, it is created from post consumer plastic bottles - thus diverting them from waste and giving them a new life.

our process:

Bottle to Legging Infographic.001.jpeg

Recycled polyester has the same performance properties as virgin polyester does, while using a fraction of the water and energy, and lacking the need to source oil to create it. 

Using recycled plastic bottles instead of virgin polyester results in less waste put into landfills. demand for petroleum. greenhouse gases released. environmental impact.

We strive to be the least impactful not only with the fabrics we use, but the techniques we use to dye them.

Waterlust Fountain of Youth print


While many processes use water as a means to transfer dyes, resulting in excess dye entering our water systems, our process requires zero water and results in no toxic waste. We're able to produce colors that both bright, vivid, and most importantly long lasting - even when exposed to the elements.

Rather than dying the complete roll of fabric, we dye only the exact pieces being used for the garment, allowing us to waste less ink. 


To complete our commitment to being environmentally responsible, we lovingly prepare each one of our orders for it's journey to you using eco-friendly packaging.

Each order is first carefully wrapped in 100% recycled, recyclable and naturally biodegradable kraft paper, and then packaged in a recycled and recyclable poly mailer bag. These bags are made from 100% post-consumer and post-industrial material, and have a dual adhesive strip allowing them to be reused prior to being recycled. Hang on to it in case you need a return or exchange, or use it to mail someone a fun surprise. It's a #4 plastic bag, meaning it can get recycled with any other plastic bags at your local supermarket or drop off location. 

We strive to create the least amount of waste in this process as we're able, and to recycle and reuse what we can. We love preparing our orders for shipment and seeing where in the world the stories are spreading to!