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Sockeye Salmon Leggings

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Sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka, spend a portion of their life in both fresh and salt water and play a significant role in the health of both ecosystems. As ocean inhabitants, sockeye are shades of silver and blue. However, as they journey back to their freshwater spawning grounds their head turns green and changes shape, while the red-orange pigments from their flesh move to their skin, transforming the color of their bodies into a bright, brilliant red.

    1. Raw hem and internally stitched bar-tacks allow for customizable inseam lengths of 31”, 29”, 27”, 25”, and 23”. Crop to 7/8ths length or customize for your height. Learn how here.
    2. Streamlined pockets on the side of both legs for your phone, wallet, snacks or sunscreen
    3. UPF 50+ sun protection (max rating achievable)
    4. Fibers mechanically engineered for quick dry, moisture wicking and breathability
    5. Resilient 4-way stretch and recovery for shape retention in and out of the water
    6. Tag-less, wide waistband for comfort, added security and fold over option
    7. 100% chlorine, sun, saltwater and sunscreen resistant
  • 88% Repreve® RPET (recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles), 12% spandex

UPF 50+ Sun Protection (Max Rating Achievable)

100% Fade-Proof From Chlorine, Sun & Saltwater

Anti-Microbial = Smell-Resistant

Fibers Mechanically Engineered For Quick-Dry & Moisture-Wicking

Made From Recycled Materials

Waterlust in the wild

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Advocate Apparel Inspired by Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus Nerka)

Sockeye salmon are a keystone species, an ecological term that refers to species that are critical to the survival of other species in their ecosystem. From birds to bears, and the forests and communities that surround them, so many depend on the marine-rich nutrients that wild salmon bring to the region.

Sockeye are born in rivers, lakes and streams, but soon venture out into the ocean where they spend most of their lives. When it's time to spawn, they swim hundreds of miles - from the ocean back to the precise location where they were born. For stream spawners, finding the mouth of the stream is only the beginning, as they then must “run the gauntlet” as researchers call it, swimming upstream in exposed waters where they are vulnerable to predators like bears, eagles, and gulls. This predation may seem tragic, but it is part of what makes sockeye so important to the ecosystem.

Vast numbers of salmon struggling to make headway up the river to spawn after arduous journeys from the ocean is arguably the most powerful example of a will to survive that we’ve ever witnessed in the animal kingdom. We humans often underestimate fish in the grand scheme of Earth’s living beings. To some, they seem foreign, unintelligent, and disposable. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sockeye are absolutely amazing, full of secrets, and keystone contributors to the planet’s ecosystem.

5% of sales from your purchase of this product are donated to the Alaska Salmon Program at the University of Washington

"The Alaska Salmon Program is excited to partner with Waterlust to widely share our education and research missions.  Waterlust's unique approach to science communication allows us to showcase over 70 years of data and knowledge that bear on management and conservation of salmon ecosystems and fisheries in a format that is engaging and accessible to a broad audience. We look forward to continue merging our passion for salmon education and science with their passion for advocacy.”

Daniel Schindler

the Alaska Salmon Program at the University of Washington

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Carmen C. (Seattle, WA, US)
Love the colors

Having colorful leggings makes me so happy. Love the fit and feel of these leggings too.

Sylvie K (Vancouver, BC, CA)

Love these. I swim year round in Vancouver BC and they keep me warm when I get out of the cold water as they are very tight. And they make me happy!

Emily Hauser (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Exceeded my expectations!

SO comfortable! I tend to like loose clothing, so swimsuits are always challenging. These are definitely tight (as a good bathing suit should be) in a way that is super flattering and comfortable. Although I haven’t worn the leggings for actual swimming yet, I wore them kayaking and hanging around the beach. I’m 5’8 and 185lbs with a huge chest. I’m going to get another pair!

My favorite!

I work as a Dive Master and these outfits are THE BEST for my job and the active activities I love doing for fun.
I have several of these outfits however I will have to say this one is my very favorite. I love the colors and they look great near the blue ocean for photos.

Christine PG
Happy salmon veterinarian :)

I am a fish veterinarian and these leggings bring me so much joy! They're comfortable, durable, and "squat-proof." My favorite part (besides the awesome print) is that they're actually long enough for me (6' tall). I can't wait to buy my next pair, but which ones... :)

Leanne DiCarlo (Princeton, NJ, US)
Skin Tight Scrumptious!!! 😝 😝 😝 😝

As a at home 53 year old mother of 5, these sockeye salmon leggings are one of the best purchases I have made since my husband. These fit perfectly and are great for my physical pilates and speed walking I do each day. These are comfortable, stretchable, breathable, and quite swagger. I look to buy some for my kids as well and I highly endorse your goals of saving the environment. These leggings have inspired me to go vegan and to keep these beautiful sockeye salmons alive and well in the environment. Now, I restrict myself from evil corporate animal products in favor of healthier options such as eggs and milk for breakfast. My Blackberry phone fit perfectly in the side pocket along with my other belongings such as my car keys and vaseline. It helps a lot that you can also adjust the side pocket, making it a huge plus when I have to carry my child. The Extra Extra Legendary size helps to fit my loose skin and brings me back to my younger days, really making me feel confident out in public and in the bedroom. If you are a 4'10" 207 lb female looking for perfect leggings, this is the place to go! Can't wait to make kid #6 in these!!!